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Integrated Facilities Management Service is an interdisciplinary provision dedicated to the coordination of space, infrastructure, technology, people and organisations. Our IFM Services facilitate on a wider range of activities than just Commercial and Residential Services which combine both Hard and Soft Facilities Management. Khidmah LLC has identified several core competencies of Integrated Facility Management which include, Communication, Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity, Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability, Finance and Business, Human Factors, Leadership and Strategy, Operations and Maintenance, Project Management, Quality Assurance and Control, Real Estate and Property Management and the use of technology to measure performance and produce state-of-the-art reports.

Integrated Facilities Management provision is subject to constant innovation and development. We are keen to continuously increase cost efficiency and add value to our Clients’ core businesses through giving them peace of mind by taking control of their Support Services’ needs.

Integrated Facilities Management professionals are highly experienced with training and internationally recognised professional qualifications to best serve the requirements of our vast range of Clients.

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